Breath and Balance Fitness

Who Am I?

I currently teach Yoga, Pilates and Barre Fitness. I am hoping to encourage more people to practice Yoga and Meditation. To share the beauty of doing nothing and being nothing. The art of feeling amazing, knowing you are enough and not judging yourself. I wish to show others how to notice the beauty of the world we live in, how to send out love and how to welcome love in from the universe.

The Dancer Pose

For Moments Meditation blog.

Yoga and Meditation offers self-reflection, building self-awareness and self-compassion. Both Yoga and Meditation connect body, mind and spirt which can help with stress, insomnia and anxiety. Meditation will help to calm the mind, relax the body and engage spiritual practice.

Whether you are new or experienced in meditation the Moments Meditation blog will help you get started or improve your personal practice. No-one is the same and different practices suit different people. If you get easily distracted or bored this blog will help you find a meditation that suits you.


Yoga will help release stress, aid relaxation, balance and harmonise the mind, body and spirit. Yoga is a fantastic wellbeing class.

More about Yoga and classes


Pilates is a beautiful flowing class that will increase strength, improve posture & flexibility and is the perfect back care programme.

More about Pilates and classes

Barre fitness

Barre includes Ballet, Pilates and Dance. It’s Fun, upbeat, working legs & bottom, arms, centre, improving posture and is a fun way to shape up and lose weight!

More about Barre and classes

Important information about current classes;

I’m currently teaching classes and one to ones live online. I also have pre recorded videos in the video library including Yoga Meditation, Barre Pilates, Yoga and Pilates Pump, Dance fit LBT and Mini Me Yoga. Online classes and one to ones are the perfect way to keep active in the comfort of your own home. If you wish to access these videos or live classes please complete a booking form with Absolute Yoga and Pilates by clicking the link bellow. Classes cost £5 to drop in or £10 a week for unlimited classes. One to ones cost £30 or £135 for a block of 5, book by emailing

Breath and Balance Fitness

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